African Leadership Academy School System (ALASS) is an emerging international school of excellence where people of different ages and cultures gain education, including, primary to secondary - high school that will provide a variety of learning environments and opportunities as we envisage a new era of productive Liberians.

Additionally, the institution is set to increase manpower development using the national standard approach in providing quality, and affordable education for all by preparing the leaders who will effectively be able to manage nation-building tasks.

While maintaining moral values, the African leadership academy (ALASS) is also established to enhance the government of Liberia’s policy of basic education programs specific to the needs of Liberians to enable them to become valuable members of society in which they will contribute and derive an optimum of social and economic benefits.

In fulfillment of these options, the school seeks to promote moral discipline in addition to academic and skills training, sound social adjustment, and good citizenship for all of its students.

These are possible with our balanced programs manned by trained and well-committed professionals who are also guided by moral principles and codes of regulations promulgated by the board of trustees.


To see that the African leadership academy becomes a true leader and innovator by providing an environment that will produce an academically potent, and economically viable generation of gifted learners through innovative curricular activities that balance meaningful inquiry into core academic subjects and arts, health, and physical education, agriculture, design/technology.


To ALASS, our mission is to provide a differentiated program designed specifically to meet the academic and life skills needs of both privileged and underprivileged Liberian kids as well as discover gifted learners in order to challenge their ability, support their unique emotional needs, promote individual character development as we create and encourage a life-long learning opportunity.


Being an academic, life skills, and moral institution, serving the general public, we believe that responsible individual behavior and personal development is also a vital aspect of school life for our learners:

•  we respect the health and wellbeing of our students, and society

•  we value learning, honesty, as well as all other efforts associated with formal education

•  we respect our competitors, the national authority, the environment in which we operate as well as our students, parents, and guardians

•  we also inspire teaching, academic rigor, and religious attachment

•  we are dedicated to producing students of strong character and passion for learning. 

African Leadership Academy School System 


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